3 Activities to Color Your World During Quarantine

COVID-19 Has Inspired People to Start Doing These 3 Hobbies


Thanks to the global pandemic and stay-at-home orders, people have suddenly found themselves with plenty of time on their hands. Instead of allowing boredom to set in, some have taken on new hobbies, or classic crafty favorites. Here are three hobbies that have seen a resurgence during the COVID-19 pandemic.


This classic Japanese art form has made a comeback during the pandemic. Even if you can't get your hands on some authentic Japanese origami paper, plain computer paper will do. This is a hobby and craft that engages both your mind and fine motor skills, making it ideal for doing when you have lots of time on your hands.



This is another hobby that a massive amount of people picked up during COVID-19 quarantine. Like origami, you don't necessarily need any fancy tools. Even just a pen and paper will be enough to start doodling. It's an easy way to slip into a realm of fantasy, away from the challenging times out in the real world.



With quarantine having begun in the middle of winter in places like the United States, it's no wonder that tie-dye has skyrocketed in popularity. Adding a splash of color into their lives using tie-dye kits while it's looking gloomy and glum out is the color therapy that many needed. The Etsy and Pinterest crafting culture has been going strong for several years now, but with people stuck at home, crafts like tie-dye have become one of the main go-to's. This is a very therapeutic hobby that can help you forget that you've been stuck in the house for weeks.


Make Your Own Tie-Dye

Experience the fun and joy of creating something while you're stuck indoors. Tie-dye is probably one of the most fun hobbies to take on, and it's something we can help you make happen! With our home tie-dye kits, you will be whipping up tie-dye shirts in no time. If you prefer the more hands-off approach, you can order already-made apparel, like t-shirts and hoodies. You can even customize it by uploading a photo to us using your own logo or lettering.

While you're self-isolating, bring some creativity into your life. It's a great antidote to cabin fever.Β