Tie-dye Is The Official ~LOOK~ of Summer

Give Your Wardrobe an Overhaul During Quarantine


With all those extra hours you now have at home, we don’t blame you if you're spending your quarantine in the same pair of pajamas, in fact, join the club! But now’s a great time to give your wardrobe a much-needed overhaul and make yourself feel good by revamping your outfits.

Here are some things you can to pass the time at home.

Go tie-dye crazy!

If you haven’t seen the revival of tie-dye clothing, where have you been? Tie-dye was huge last year with some of the biggest names in fashion putting their spin on the design, but with lock-down in full swing people are taking things into their own hands. With an at-home kit, you can transform your lounge wear pieces such as jogger, hoodies and t-shirt into on-trend items so you can look and feel good even from the comfort of your bedroom. This fad has definitely come back with a bang, so don’t miss out!


Organize Your Wardrobe

We’ve all got items of clothing that we’ve been meaning to get rid of but just haven’t got round to it, well you haven’t got an excuse now! Why not use an afternoon to clear out your wardrobe? Not only will this kill a few hours of quarantine time, but when it’s all done you’ll feel a lot more organised. Go through each item and decide what you’d like to keep, donate and throw away.

Plan Your Outfits

Bored of wearing the same outfits? You might have nowhere to go but that doesn’t mean you can look good at home or plan for life after quarantine. Style your clothes in new ways by revamping them (perhaps with tie-dye) and it will feel like a whole new wardrobe. Putting something on that looks great can have a positive effect on your mood and give you the lift you need!


Bored with your plain clothing? Tie-Dye At Home, has everything you need to tie-dye your items in a fun and easy way. Our packs include 18 vibrant dye colors, gloves bands and more. We also offer a customization service so you can design bespoke clothing with your chosen logo, photo or lettering. Join the craze today and give your clothing a colorful boost! Check out our website for all the details.